“In from the Cold War”: a colloquium on Eastern Europe, Africa and cultural diplomacy during the cold war

AiW Guest: Iolanda Vasile

This week, AiW Guest Katarzyna Kubin continues her series examining the relationship between Africa and Eastern/Central Europe with this guest piece by Iolanda Vasile about the colloquium “In from the Cold War: Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Cultural Diplomacy during the Cold War”, organized in Bucharest, Romania in June 2016.

When in 2013 on arriving to Angola I was welcomed in my native language of Romanian, I knew there was a story behind it. At that time, I was doing research for my PhD on the role of women in the liberation movements in Angola, focused on the 1945-1961 period. I was surprised to find that the daughters of one of the women I interviewed for my research were fluent in Romanian, because they had studied in Romania in the late 1970’s under a bilateral agreement. Inspired by their story, some months later, I searched the archives of the Securitate[1] in Romania…

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Roundtable – Converging Worlds of the Cold War: Eastern Europe and the Global South

“Converging Worlds of the Cold War: Eastern Europe and the Global South” Roundtable
May 19, 16.00
New Europe College (Plantelor no. 21, Bucharest)


The roundtable reflects the general aim of our project “Turning Global,” that is, to provide the framework for a comprehensive analysis of post-1945 state socialism’s international projection. The roundtable will map the interaction between communist regimes in Eastern Europe and newly de-colonized countries from the Global South. The participants wish to look into the impact of de-colonization and its tribulations on state socialist countries’ positioning and self-representation during the global Cold War.

Some of the themes we wish to touch upon are: Continue reading Roundtable – Converging Worlds of the Cold War: Eastern Europe and the Global South

Population and development: population theories during the Cold War. A Romanian perspective

Populație și dezvoltare: teorii ale populației în timpul Războiului Rece. O perspectivă românească”

Workshop held at the Centre for Population Studies (CPS), „Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, on March 16, 2016

Guest lecturer: Corina Doboș (Ph.D., senior researcher), New Europe College, Bucharest

Participants: prof. Traian Rotariu (Ph.D. – CPS fellow), prof. Cornelia Mureșan (Ph.D. – CPS fellow)