Bogdan C. IacobBogdan C. Iacob is the project’s principal investigator. Between 2012 and 2015, Bogdan C. Iacob received post-doctoral fellowships at three prestigious institutes of advanced studies: Imre Kertész Kolleg (Jena); Center of Advanced Studies (Sofia); New Europe College (Bucharest). He is associate researcher at the Center for the Study of Post-communist Societies (University of Maryland-College Park) and in the international project „Socialism Goes Global”. Bogdan C. Iacob has a PhD in history from the Central European University. The title of his dissertation is Stalinism, Historians, and the Nation. History-Production in Communism Romania 1955-1966. He defended it summa cum laude and it received “Best Dissertation Award” from the Central European University Doctoral Committee (2011/2012). Together with Vladimir Tismăneanu, he is coordinating a series of collective volumes on the global history of the 20th century published by C.E.U. Press. For the first two volumes, Stalinism Revisited: The Establishment of Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe and Promises of 1968: Crisis, Illusions Utopia, he was associate editor (acknowledged in the introduction). Bogdan C. Iacob became co-editor for the next three: Remembrance, History, and Justice. Dealing with the Past in Democratic Societies, The End and the Beginning: The Revolutions of 1989 and the Resurgence of History and Ideological Storms: Intellectuals and the Totalitarian Temptation (forthcoming end of 2016). Among his most recent articles and book chapters are: “Short Guide to Navigating Cold War Balkan Imaginations,” Snodi. Publici e private nella storia contemporana, vol. 13 (March 2015); “The Entrapment of Polemics” in Remembrance, History, and Justice. Dealing with the Past in Democratic Societies (CEU Press, 2015) or, “Is It Transnational? A New Perspective in the Study of Communism”, East Central Europe, vol. 40, no.1 (2013). Among his forthcoming publication are “Southeast by Global South: The Balkans, UNESCO and the Cold War” [book chapter] in James Mark et al. (eds.), Alternative Encounters. The ‘Second World’ and the ‘Global South’ (Oxford UP, forthcoming 2016) and together with Vladimir Tismăneanu, „Ideological Origins of the Second World War” in Kurt Piehler ed., Oxford Handbook of World War II (Oxford University Press, 2016).

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Remembrance, History, and Justice. Coming to Terms with Traumatic Pasts in Democratic Societies, Edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu and Bogdan C.Iacob, Budapest: CEU Press, 2015.

Bogdan C. Iacob, “The Romanian Communist Past and the Entrapment of Polemics”, pp. 417-474.