Corina Doboș – researcher at the University of Bucharest, New Europe College, and University of Pharmacy and Medicine ‘Carol Davila’ Bucharest. MA in Nationalism Studies (CEU, 2004), PhD studies- University College London ( with a thesis on population policies in Communist Romania to be soon submitted).

Research interests: biopolitics in 20th century, history of science, digital humanities.

Current projects: Psychiatry in Communist Romania, Communist Underground in Romania, Population policies in 20th century Eastern Europe, digital humanities.


Recent publications (October – December 2015)

 Co-editor of ‘Bodies/Matter: narratives of corporeality’, special issue of Martor: The Museum of the Romanian Peasant Anthropology Review, 20:2015,

Corina Doboș, “Hormones, glandes et criminalité: ‘l’unité somato-psychique’ du délinquant dans la Grande Roumanie”,  Martor 20: 2015, pp.51-66.


Other publications

Corina Doboș, “For a more just world: population and politics at the World Population Conference, Bucharest 1974”, Romanian Journal of Population Studies, 2015, 9 (1), pp. 152-164.

Corina Doboș, “Psychiatry & Ideology: The Emergence of ‘Asthenic Neurosis’ in Communist Romania”, in Sarah Marks & Mark Savelli (eds.), Psychiatry in Communist Europe, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, pp. 93-116.

Corina Doboș, ” ‘Decesul s-a produs din vina femeii…’: fragmente din universul medico-juridic al pronatalismului ceaușist”, în Alina Hurubean (ed.), Statutul femeii în România comunistă. Politici publice și viață privată, Iași, Editura Institutul European, 2015, pp. 171-200.

Corina Doboș, The Economic Efficiency of the Romanian Higher Education at the End of the 1960s. A Demographical Perspective”. International Review of Social Research, 4(2): 2014, pp. 25-40.

O. Buda, S. Hostiuc, E. Drima, L. Ghebaur, I. Popescu, L. Staicu, C. Doboș,  “The institutionalization of asylum and forensic psychiatry in Bucharest, 19th century. A historical outline“. Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine, 21(1): 2013, pp. 79-84.