Raluca GrosescuRaluca Grosescu  is Associate Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, Department of History. Within the UEFISCDI-supported project Turning Global: Socialist Experts during the Cold War she is working on the role of state socialist legal experts in the development of international criminal law. Grosescu is also conducting comparative research on human rights trials in post-dictatorial Eastern Europe and Latin America, as part of the Leverhulme Trust-supported project 1989 after 1989: The Fall of State Socialism in Global Perspective. She is the author of Les communistes dans l’après-communisme. Trajectoires de conversion politique de la nomenklatura roumaine après 1989, Paris, Michel Houdiard, 2011. She has also co-edited together with Agata Fijalkowski the volume Transitional Criminal Justice in Post-Dictatorial and Post-Conflict Societies, Intersentia, Cambridge, 2014 (Series on Transitional Justice).

Latest publications:

Raluca Grosescu and Raluca Ursachi, “The Romanian Revolution in Court: What Narratives about 1989?”. Remembrance, History, and Justice. Coming to Terms with Traumatic Pasts in Democratic Societies, Edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu and Bogdan C.Iacob, Budapest: CEU Press, 2015, pp. 257-294.

“The Use of Transitology in the Field of Transitional Justice. A Critique of the Literature on the ‘Third Wave’ of Democratisation” – Historein, 15 (1), 2015.