Population and development: population theories during the Cold War. A Romanian perspective

Populație și dezvoltare: teorii ale populației în timpul Războiului Rece. O perspectivă românească”

Workshop held at the Centre for Population Studies (CPS), „Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, on March 16, 2016

Guest lecturer: Corina Doboș (Ph.D., senior researcher), New Europe College, Bucharest

Participants: prof. Traian Rotariu (Ph.D. – CPS fellow), prof. Cornelia Mureșan (Ph.D. – CPS fellow)


Demography across the Iron Curtain: A French-East European Dialogue

A seminar by Corina Doboș

at New Europe College, Bucharest, March 9, 2016

My research explores the emergence of a scientific network that contributed to the transfer of demographic knowledge across Europe. I will focus on the academic exchanges between French and East-European demographers, pointing out the common concerns and solutions proposed. I will sketch the dialogue between population specialists responding to similar challenges and looking for possible common solutions, with a focus on the East European participation to the configuration of a continental demography beyond the Iron Curtain divide during the 1960s and 1970s.